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Information for Lyon International Study Trips


This LibGuide is here to provide information and links to materials appropriate for faculty and students participating in Lyon College's Nichols International Programs. Here you will find pages on finding cultural, financial, political and statistics information. 

Look at the different tabs to see which might be helpful to you and lead you to some answers that you might be searching for. Even though some information is in a certain tab, it might apply to many, as travel information usually includes multiple topics by nature. 


Nichols Trips 2020

PSY399: Scotland

Course Term: Spring 2020

Instructors: Dr. Nikki Yonts and Dr. Jennifer Daniels


HIS/MUS399: Germany

Course Term: Spring 2020

Instructors: Dr. Russell Stinson


BIO/ART 399: Canada

Course Term: Spring 2020

Instructors: Alexander Beeser and Dr. David Thomas


POL399: Korea

Course Term: Spring 2020

Instructors: Dr. Jaeyun Sung


HIS/SPN399: Panama

Course Term: Spring 2020

Instructors: Dr. Brian D'Haeseleer and Dr. David Sonnier

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2300 HIGHLAND ROAD • BATESVILLE, ARKANSAS 72501 • PHONE: (870-307-7205) • FAX: (870) 307-7279