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Hmong Embroidery 1985

Hmong Embroidery 1985

Woven Wall Hanging 1987 or Earlier

Woven Wall Hanging 1987

Cardinal, Chinese Painting, Watercolor 1987 or Earlier

Cardinal, Chinese Painting, Watercolor 1987 or Earlier

Schwartz etching Meadow 1964

Meadow, #164 Schwartz 1964

"Pit Ticket Cock Fight" Hogarth, 1759-1850?

Original etching by Hogarth.  Viewed by request only.  Stored in Special Collections.

About the Artists

Aubrey Schwartz

Aubrey Schwartz’s work is represented in the National Gallery, the Brooklyn Museum, the Philadelphia Museum of Arts, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Library of Congress, numerous private collections, and was in the Paris Biennale in 1964.



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