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Art: Access Computers

This Guide contains subject matter focused on art.


There are 3 printers in the library, one on each floor. The third floor has libraryP2, the second floor has libraryP1, and the first floor, or basement, has libraryP3.

Students use their Lyon College ID and password to login to the library's computers, then print by direct mapping, or by "Papercut."  The printers can scan documents into a PDF format and email them to student's email accounts or simply print paper copy.

Guests at the library can get a guest number at the front desk and pay 10 cents per sheet for use.

Save Paper When Printing Websites

Here's a great video on how print from web sites and quickly edit the garbage out of them so paper is saved.


The library has personal computers scattered about the library for student and guest use.  The study rooms also have computers in them and are booked on a "First come, first served" basis at the front desk.  A study room key can be exchanged for student ID or a driver's license for use.  Sign-ins are required.  When keys are returned, student IDs or driver's licenses are returned.  

Operating System
Windows 10

Microsoft Office 2016

Acrobat DC


Charging Station

The main lobby has a mediascape workstation capable of charging your devices.  Open the media well in the workstation to charge.



Library Hours 2020

  • Our virtual library is always open!  However, the physical bricks and mortar library is locked and can only be entered with permission from student life.  You must be on our list.  We are open 8 to 5 Monday thru Friday and closed weekends,.
  • Visitors from off-campus are not allowed but research consultations and appointments can be made by calling 870-307-7205.
  • Contact us at: anytime!

Covid Polices

  • Interlibrary Loan. For any items that we do not own, but you need for research, please fill out the ILL Request form that you see in the WorldCat search result for the item. Or email with the bibliographic information on the item. Physical copies of books can be acquired for local faculty, staff and students. Only digital copies of articles can be acquired for non-locals. If retrieving a physical ILL item, we will allow your entrance to Anna’s office. Please return physical items to the book return in the breezeway.

  • Curbside pickup.  We are implementing curbside pickup and books can be ordered for pickup at  We’ll notify you when they are on the cart which will be rolled into the breezeway.  They will already be checked out in your name and all you have to do is pick them up!

  • Returned books should be returned in the wall slot which is also in the breezeway entrance on the right when facing the library.

  • Use WorldCat Discovery to find most of what you'll need for your research needs.  It's the search box in the upper left corner!  If that doesn't work, try the A-Z blue box.

  • Reserves.  Because of Covid the reserve collection has been disbanded for this academic year.  Please check with the librarians if you need to order an ebook or streaming media.  Additionally,  documents can be scanned and links loaded into Schoology.

  • All study rooms on the third floor are locked and a key can be checked out at the front desk to use a study rooms.  Your ID card must be submitted to check out a key.  This is only for students with permission from student life to use the library.
  • All returned items will be in quarantine for 96 hours (4 days).

Ask The Librarian




Updated 09-11-2020

2300 Highland Road
Batesville, AR  72501

Proxy Authentication

How Do I Login?

When off-campus, Lyon College faculty, staff, and students please use your Lyon user ID of: and your password to login.  You no longer have to use RDS to log in.  Find your browser, your web page, your database, search the database, and when the authentication screen pops up, use your student ID and password.  You only have to do this once a session.

Community members who have purchased a card can use the databases in the library building but not remotely.

Having issues logging in?  Clear your cache (CTRL + SHIFT + DEL) and try again.

If you have problems accessing the databases please call Lyon support at:  870-307-7555 or contact



2300 HIGHLAND ROAD • BATESVILLE, ARKANSAS 72501 • PHONE: (870-307-7205) • FAX: (870) 307-7279